Seducing the Devil (Hawthorne Witches #2)

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Etopia Press, Seducing the Devil, Savannah Hill

Love can pierce through the darkest of souls.

Damian, the son of Lucifer, has renounced his right to the throne of Hell, choosing instead to build a life on Earth with Haley, his lover, and hunt the creatures of his father’s realm. Sex between them burns hotter than hell itself, and Haley can’t live without her Master’s touch, without the sharp, exquisite pleasure only he can give. But not everyone approves of Damian’s relationship with the beautiful witch. Especially not Damian’s uncle, Raden, Lucifer’s brother, who had kept Haley as his sex slave years ago and wants her back.

When Haley and Damian are dragged back to Hell, they find Raden is out for revenge. Haley’s worst fears are coming to pass—fears that she’ll once again belong to the prince of Hell. But when Raden stabs her with her own knife—the knife Damian gave her for protection—it’s Damian’s worst fears that play out. There’s no saving Haley from the death spells woven into the knife’s blade. And there’s no living without the witch whose responsive body sings at his touch. Desperate, Damian will do anything to save her. So when Lucifer makes him an offer, Damian has no choice but to accept. Lucifer will turn back the clock to spare Haley’s life, but Damian must take his rightful place as the next dark lord of Hell. They’ll be returned to a time before Damian and Haley met, and Damian will never encounter the seductive witch who holds his heart…

Excerpt from Seducing the Devil: Breakfast in Hell

“I know you want your freedom.” Damian ran his palm over his mouth and shook his head. “Very soon, I’ll take over the throne, replacing my father as the dark lord. Raden is already upset that I took you. If he found out I also freed you, he’d lead an uprising against me. The ascension rituals have already begun. As soon as I finish them and receive the dark powers, I will reign over Hell.” He glanced at her with stunningly beautiful green eyes. “If you can remain passive until then, I’ll give you your freedom.”

Still unnerved by the longing sensation in her sex, Haley stood silent for a moment. “Why would you do that?”

“I don’t need a slave, especially one as cumbersome as you. I have more pressing things to concern myself with.”

She couldn’t bring herself to trust him. “So, you’ll just release me when you come into power.”

“As long as you’re compliant, I’ll send you wherever you’d like to go.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Damian shrugged. “You’ll have to trust me.”

Haley pressed her lips together. “False hope is the worst kind of torture,” she whispered. “I won’t be obedient until you take off my collar.”

“Absolutely not.”

“I won’t hurt you.” Haley took a step toward him. “Without the collar, I could read your mind and know for sure what your intentions are.”

“My thoughts are guarded, you couldn’t read them anyway, and if I took off your collar, I would be at your mercy. That’s never going to happen.” He gave her a dark stare. “When I receive the powers of the throne, and I’m stronger than your magic, that’s when the collar comes off.”

“You have to give me something.” She gripped her hands together. “I can’t just give up the fight because you made a promise. It will be a demonstration of mutual trust.”

Damian remained silent, and she continued.

“It isn’t just about my powers. The collar is…degrading. It makes me feel weak and chained, like a pet. I promise I won’t ever hurt you again. Read my mind, you’ll see that I’m telling the truth.”

“I was reading your mind when you stabbed me, and when you attempted to castrate me. You apparently have a way of hiding your thoughts.”

“Then look harder.” She bit her lower lip as arousal ran through her.

Damian entered her mind, poring through her thoughts and memories. Emotion welled in her chest as he caught glimpses of her happy life before her capture, surrounded by smiling faces. Now, she’d focused all of her energy and life force on one goal, freedom. There were no malicious thoughts toward him.

“I can see you liked that spanking a little more than you let on.”

She swallowed, her backside still stinging from his abrupt punishment. Her heart pounded as he grasped the collar. The powerful restraint snapped open, and he set it on the table.

Haley reached to her bare neck, overwhelmed by the small victory. “Are you really going to let me go?” She tried to stifle the hopeful joy rising inside her.

“If you can keep yourself from knifing me until then.” He looked at her scantily clad body. “I don’t know where you keep pulling those out from.”

“I promise I’ll be good.” Haley felt a hint of a smile forming on her lips for the first time since she’d been abducted.

“Better be, or I’ll have to spank you again.” He reached for a piece of fruit, and Haley gingerly took hold of his arm. He flinched at her touch.

Her powers came to life, opening his inner thoughts to her, revealing a string of bone-chilling torture imagery. Damian, strapped to a table. A tiny witch with short black hair cooing at him in a sing-song voice. Her hands painfully toying with him. She called him her pet while she burned and tortured his naked body with her black powers.

Haley moved closer, and he stiffened at her power-charged touch. She slipped her arms around the iron muscles of his bare shoulders and pressed her forehead against him.

“Thank you.”

“Mm-hm.” Damian stood stone still in her embrace. “I’ll take the throne in a matter of days. We’re going to the palace today for another ritual.”

“We?” She peeked up from under his chin.

“Yes, you’re coming with me. Consider changing your clothes.”

Haley nodded. Her hug was obviously making him uncomfortable. She let go of him and backed away. Exuberantly free without the dreadful collar, she picked up a plump strawberry from the table. Something inside wouldn’t let her get too excited about the possibility of Damian keeping his word, but she had her powers back. Her hand rested loosely at the base of her neck as she dipped the fruit into some delectable cream sauce and took a bite.

“Is your father going to be there?” Her stomach clenched at the idea of coming face to face with Lucifer.

“Possibly. Not likely though, he hasn’t been present for any of the rituals so far.” Damian took the chair he’d used to put her over his knee and pushed it back toward the side of the lengthy table. He sat down in front of a plate of eggs.

A ripple of sensation returned to her sex in remembrance of his spanking. She slid onto the table, sitting just next to his plate, and continued eating her strawberry. Damian kept his eyes on his plate as she crossed her legs.

“Is your father as nice as you are?”

He snorted and picked up a crystal goblet. “You think I’m nice? I just spanked you.”

A smile spread across her lips, and she reached backward for a handful of grapes. “I sort of had it coming.”

He pushed his plate to the side, looking at her intently. He took hold of her hips and shifted her over until she was in front of him.

Her gaze sharpened. Chewing on her grape, she reluctantly let her crossed ankles rest on the side of his leg.

“You liked it.” He uncrossed her bare legs, moving her black patent heel across his lap. She kept her knees close together, though both heels rested at either side of him.

“I didn’t.” Haley swallowed, turning away from his searing gaze, and set the rest of her grapes on a stray plate.

“Don’t lie to me. I saw your thoughts.”

“Why would I like that?” Her breathing slowed as his hands went to her knees.

“Probably because you knew you were a naughty little girl and needed a spanking.” He slowly spread her legs apart. “You did try to cut off my balls.”

“I wasn’t going to actually do it,” she whispered under her breath, staring down into his luminous eyes as he opened her legs wider.

“You wore this to distract me?” He slid his hand along her inner thigh, and she grew wet with anticipation.


“But not so I would tear it off you.”

She shook her head.

“So you’re a tease.”

Haley took a deep breath, betrayed by her hips, moving forward in want of his touch. He hooked his fingers into her wet panties, jerking her toward him, and she sat at the edge of the table, her legs spread wide.

His masculine knuckles brushed against her heated pussy. “Answer me.”

“Yes.” She stared at him with a hooded gaze. “I’m a tease.”

“I think I’ll punish you for being such a little cock-tease.”

Her pulse shot up. “No…”

“Lie back on the table.” His voice went cold, and Haley couldn’t breathe in the tight corset, frozen.

“You said you would obey me, witch.” He softened his tone, though it still sounded deadly. “Are you going back on your word?”

“No.” Shaking, she did as he commanded, leaning backward until her back touched the wooden table.

“Good girl.” He stood up between her thighs and let go of her underwear, continuing in a raw voice. “Show me your pussy.”

Her teeth sank into her bottom lip, chills spreading over her skin as she tugged her panties to the side and widened her legs. She could feel his intense gaze on her bare sex.

“Open it for me.”

Her cheeks ran hot as she pulled her tender lips apart, showing him the slick moisture on her clitoris. It thudded with hunger in her painfully exposed position, heatedly craving any stimulation.

Damian took her wrists and stretched her arms over her head. “I like your hands up here. Don’t move them, understand?” She nodded, clutching her hands into fists as she struggled to keep them in place above her.

With demanding fingers, he pulled open the ribbon closures along the front of her black corset, tearing the straps apart at her shoulders and slid it out from under her. Her nipples hardened instantly at their exposure. He rudely stripped away her skimpy panties, ripping the flimsy fabric from her open legs. Haley curled her fingers over the edge of the table above her, her face burning as she displayed her naked body for him.

Her heavy breathing was the only sound in the room. Damian dipped his fingers into the bowl of sweet cream on the table and spread it onto her taut nipples. She gasped at the cold sensation. He ran his fingers over her pussy, and the chilled cream trickled down her flesh, mingling with her own fluids.

Haley pursed her lips when he started to suck on her breast. She craved his mouth at the dripping cream between her legs, almost lifting her hips off the table with need.

His rough mouth left her nipple plump and sore, and he gently grasped her hurting breast, mindlessly holding it while he picked up a spear of cantaloupe. Damian watched her face as he slowly inserted it inside her, working it in and out of her, and dragged the tip of it upward, running it over her clit, covered in the syrupy cream. He took a bite of the melon before sitting down in the chair.

Haley couldn’t hold in her cry when his tongue raked over her. He seemed motivated by her outburst, shoving the bitten melon back inside of her, and feasted on the sugary coating over her sex, licking her deeply.

“Oh, please. Please…” Her thoughts cried out to him as he licked her clean. She almost shrieked when he pulled his mouth away, leaving her writhing.

Damian pulled the cantaloupe out of her and put it in his mouth, chewing it while he stood. He squeezed an orange slice over her stomach, dripping the juice along her skin and onto her needy pussy. Her toes curled in her shoes, and she gripped the table in desperation as Damian kissed and sucked at her soft stomach, lapping up the juice. She quivered under him, shrinking into the table as his tongue dragged over her scarred skin, sending a shiver of revulsion through her, and her hand fell to her side to cover herself.

He caught her wrist and pressed it firmly to the table just over her head. His mouth went to her other breast. He suckled at her candied nipple, devouring the vulnerable pink flesh, and the sensation flowed down to her achingly neglected clit.

Damian tasted along the plump side of her breast and let his greedy tongue wander all over her exposed body. She sighed when his hot mouth closed over her pussy, panting softly as he brought her closer and closer, licking up every last drop of juice from her clit. When he had thoroughly cleaned every part of her with his tongue, Damian abruptly stood.

Haley shuddered. He can’t leave me like this.

He pulled her upright on the table. “We’re leaving in a few minutes, go get dressed.”

She forced herself to keep from flashing him a needy look, refusing to look at him at all. Her thoughts raged at him, he’d brought her so close only to deny her the divine release she craved so deeply. He’s punishing me. What a horribly awful, wonderful punishment.

She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing how strongly he’d affected her. Brimming with jittering pangs of arousal, she hopped down from the table. She worked to hide her thoughts from him as she wordlessly slipped out of the dining room.

Dreadfully naked, wearing only a pair of high heels, Haley rushed through the mansion halls. She desperately wanted to massage herself with her fingers, to finish what Damian had so cruelly left unfinished, but decided against it. She only had a few minutes and did not want him to catch her in the act.


Copyright 2017 by Savannah Hill