Paramour for the Devil (Hawthorne Witches #1)

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Darkly erotic. Supremely powerful.

Haley Hawthorne is a witch. She shuns her paranormal gifts, instead escaping into a mundane, reclusive life as an accountant for her Uncle Eli’s firm. Five years earlier, Haley was kidnapped by Raden, brother of Lucifer, and held captive as his personal sex slave. She escaped but still bears the scars, both physical and emotional. Now she has turned away from both magic and sex, and she’s certain nothing will ever bring those lost things back into her life…

Damian, son to Lucifer, has renounced his right to the throne of Hell and has become a soldier for Adversus, hunting evil supernatural creatures on Earth. Unfortunately, he’s powerless to witches, and this witch can read his mind. He can’t decide what is more dangerous—the irresistible attraction he feels for her, or the intoxicating peace she gives him. One thing is certain, they both share a tortured past.

After Damian rescues her from an attack by monstrous djinn, Haley discovers the dangerously seductive soldier has secrets of his own. One of them is the collection of whips, ropes, handcuffs, and leather riding crops he keeps locked away, though he refuses to show her his “Master” side. As her trust in him grows, she finds herself increasingly intrigued by all the kinky things he’s hiding. But Damian has been given a new mission to kill a monster. A monster that turns out to be her uncle…

Excerpt from Paramour for the Devil

“Haley.” Damian slowed his pace, slightly out of breath, and stood in the beating rain for a moment, staring at her.

“I’m not a stalker,” she cried out weakly.

“What are you doing here?” He exhaled the words.

“Aimee was…” Haley fumbled with her shoe, slipping the strap over her ankle. “Well, she’s stalking Stephen, and I—”

Damian took her aside, bringing her out of the drenching rain underneath a canopy of low hanging trees.

“I can’t believe you’re here.” He hovered closely.

“How is your arm?” Her voice had dropped low, and Damian looked down at the stitches she’d sewn. His skin was still bruised and swollen around the black thread, and it would leave a deep scar.

“It’s alright.”

“Oh.” Haley cradled his wounded arm and traced a dainty finger down his tattooed skin next to the ragged cut.

Her soft touch sent a thrill straight down to his swelling cock, and he moved closer, pinning her against the rough bark of a tree. “I didn’t get a chance to say thank you.”

Gazing down at her full lips, he struggled to restrain from kissing her. “This is torture.”

Her breath quickened. “Why?”

“It hurts how much I want you. I’ve never felt anything like it before.”

She bit her lip and gently took his hands, placing them at her waist. Carefully leaning upward, she paused just in front of his lips.

Tormented by her sweet breath at his mouth, Damian made a gruff sound. “Don’t stop.”

Her eyes dimmed at his agonized whisper, and she took in a shaky breath. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Tell me what you want.”

Haley hesitated for a moment. She rushed forward, softly meeting his lips and slid her arms up to encircle his neck.

Carnal, and fiercely swollen in his jeans, Damian grabbed onto her hips, pushing into her so she could feel how hard he was, sliding his tongue inside her mouth. She slinked against him, and he drew back, gaping over her body.

“So fucking irresistible.”

Haley slipped her hands to his face, and feverishly brought her lips to his, delving into his mouth with an unsure tongue. He started sucking on it, arousing a soft moan from her throat, and pulled her closer, enveloping her in his arms.

“Tell me what you want.” He breathed heavily at her lips, and gripped her lush backside, holding her against his throbbing groin.

She took an unsteady breath, opening her mouth to speak, and couldn’t seem to find the words. Damian closed his mouth over her parted lips, moving a needy hand into her hair.

He traced along her lips with the tip of his tongue, slowly tasting them before he broke their kiss. “Tell me, Haley.”

“Your tongue,” she confessed in an urgent whisper.

“Where do you want it?” He shifted his salacious grip further down, and slipped his hand under her dress, past the lace trim of her panties. His fingertips clutched the supple bare skin, roaming between her thighs, and grazed the wet fabric that covered her sex.

She stared up at him, her lower lip trembling slightly. “On my…” Her breasts heaved against his chest. “My…um…”

Damian smiled at her scarlet red cheeks. “So shy.” He tilted his face underneath her chin, kissing her throat. “You can say it.”

With a light, ragged breath, she dropped her voice to a whisper. “No, I can’t.”

“It’s alright.” His voice was coarse with arousal. “I know what you want.”

He lowered her onto the bed of greenery. Tiny droplets of rain sprinkled from the branches overhead. His cock stiffened miserably at her darkly wet dress, clinging to her luscious body. Driven by a powerful surge in his groin, he lifted her arms above her head, wrenching a twisted vine from a tangle of branches and wrapped it around her wrists, cinching it tightly.

Damian pushed her dress up to gather around her hips.

He let out a harsh breath at her sheer white panties hugging low on her hips, seductively detailed with embroidered patterns. The transparent material exposed the parting of her sex, accented by dainty designs in the rousingly see­through fabric. He shoved her dress up further, revealing her bare stomach. Haley took a sharp gasp, moving to cover herself, pulling at the firm restraint of the vine around her wrists.

With heavy, uneven breaths, he dragged her panties down her thighs, discarding them on the ground. She trembled uncontrollably, practically hyperventilating as Damian spread her legs apart. He lowered his face between them.

Kissing her smooth outer lips, he felt her jump at the contact, shaking beneath him, and started licking them deeply, tasting them in tantalizing, rhythmic motions until her breathing slowed. Letting the tip of his tongue wander between them, he flicked it across her clitoris.

“Damian.” She exhaled his name, softening into the leaves.

Her gaze lingered on him as he devoured her, hungrily licking at her swelling flesh.

Haley moaned from deep in her throat, her voice carrying the desperation of a nearing orgasm. He darted his tongue everywhere at once, forking into two tips, pressing against both sides of her clit.

Damian caught her inquisitive eyes and found them a dark, hypnotic blue, full of arousal. Gazing up at her with a wicked stare, he dragged his forked tongue lower, tasting her entrance and slowly pushed it inside of her, extending deeper than humanly possible, and stroked her heated inner flesh with his tongue.

She softly moaned his name through sharp, erratic breaths. She was close. He morphed his tongue back to its normal state, dragging it against her clit, grazing his teeth along her swollen, sensitive skin, gently biting at it. Haley gasped, throbbing in climax against his lips. She called his name loudly as he circled his tongue around her twitching clit, greedily tasting her wetness.

Gradually coming down from his erotic high, Damian remembered he’d bound her hands and quickly unraveled the vine. He grimaced at the deep indents it left around her wrists. “Fuck, I’m sorry, Haley.”

She sat up, awestruck. “I liked it.”

Every fiber in his body screamed for more of her, but he had to resist, at least until he’d resolved his mission. He could see how she felt about him after he’d murdered her father figure.

As she drew the hem of her dress down to cover herself, Damian stood up, pocketing her panties in the process. Stay away from her, just go back to your room and jack off with these.​ ​He reached his hand toward her, and she took it, letting him help her up.

Haley moved closer to him with a soft gaze, and tugged his hand downward. He followed her silent command, lowering to sit on the wet ground, staring up at her in reverent curiosity.

She went to straddle him, and he reached to stop her, but she took his hands and held them behind his back. Adjusting herself onto his lap, she boldly licked her tongue up the side of his throat to his ear, whispering to him. “Do you think about me when you masturbate?”

Arousal coursed through his groin, and he clenched his jaw. “Yes.”

Her eyes flared with an inner light, and she shifted against him, biting back a smile. “You took my panties.”

Damian took a jagged breath, knowing she didn’t see him do it. “You were reading my mind.”

“Only a tiny bit.” She released his arms and gently pressed against his shoulders until his back touched the ground. He grasped her thighs, stroking upward under her wet dress. She leaned down to his face, grazing her lips across his mouth in a soft kiss. “Why do you want to stay away from me?” A touch of vulnerability laced her sugared voice.

“I don’t. But I can’t think clearly when you’re around.” He moved his hands to her bare ass as she slowly slid her naked sex over the front of his jeans, and held back a groan. “I need to focus on the case I’m working.”

Haley sighed a little against his mouth. Sitting up, she gazed down at his white T­shirt, transparently soaked through, and slid it upward to expose his abdomen. “But…” She moved her hips forward, biting hard on her lower lip as she rubbed her bare clit over his belt buckle, gliding along the trail of hair below his belly button. “I want you. ​All​ of you.”

He groaned, his thumbs biting into her thighs as she straddled his midsection.

“This isn’t a good idea, Haley.”

She pouted. “You never said that before.”

“I wasn’t thinking.” He sat up on his elbows, holding her gaze. “I’m still not thinking, I need to leave you alone.”

Pure hurt clouded her eyes, and Damian couldn’t hold himself back any longer.

“Never mind. I fucking need you.” He shifted underneath her, bringing her with him as he stood up, holding her in his arms with her legs wrapped around his middle.

Haley stared at him in wide­-eyed surprise. “You’re ​strong​.”

He broke into a smile as he strode along the wet pathway, carrying her toward the hotel in the sprinkling rain showers. He set her down when they got to the door.

“I need to find Stephen and tell him I’m not working today. There’s no cell reception here and the phone lines are down, so I’ll have to do it in person.”

“And then what?” She froze in place, her breath steadily rising.

Damian shrugged. “Whatever you want.” He opened the door. “Feels like I haven’t slept in weeks. It’s nice to have you close again.”

A half­-smile spread across her lips, and she tucked a strand of damp hair behind her ear, following him inside. “It’s only been a few days.”

“And yet you somehow tracked me down and seduced me into sleeping with you.” He snatched her hand, pulling her behind a bookcase so they were out of sight. “Actually, I like this new stalker side to you.”

She bit her lip. “Are you sure about this? I know you’re concerned about your case. I don’t want to get in the way of—”

“I would fuck you right here in this dark corner if you’d let me. I’ll meet you at your room in five minutes, which one is yours?”

“Oh.” Panting slightly, she dropped her gaze. “It’s…” She reached a shaking hand into

her cleavage, fumbling between her breasts before pulling out a small brass key and inspecting it. “Eleven.”

“Alright.” He gritted his teeth, struggling to keep from actually fucking her in the corner

and turned toward the bar to find Stephen. “Wait.” Backing her into the bookcase, he took her mouth, kissing her with all the passion he’d been repressing since the day he met her. He broke his mouth away, breathing harshly. “Please don’t change your mind before I see you again.”

Haley slumped against the bookcase, deliriously entranced, and nodded. “Five minutes.”