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Frolic Me ~ Rise & Shine by Savannah Hill

Watch the Film & Read the Whole Story Andy held onto the doorjamb and rapped his knuckles against the glass-paned door. What a complete failure of a man. He ran his palm over his forehead. He’d behaved like a coward. Roused naked from his bed in the middle of the night by men pointing guns…

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Dangerous Witch

Damian abruptly woke on the couch in the darkened living room with the sense he was being watched. He furrowed his brows at the dangerous witch in front of him, scarcely able to make out her hourglass figure in the sliver of sunlight from a gap in the curtain. “What are you doing?” Lowering his…

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The Devil is Coming October 2nd, 2015

Damian grasped the thick, leatherbound book with a slight nod, inwardly cursing his new task. He had a hard enough time keeping his fantasies under control in a room full of people, now they were going on an office errand alone together. She walked briskly beside him in the hallway, an amazing feat in those…

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