Frolic Me ~ Rise & Shine by Savannah Hill

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Andy held onto the doorjamb and rapped his knuckles against the glass-paned door. What a complete failure of a man. He ran his palm over his forehead. He’d behaved like a coward. Roused naked from his bed in the middle of the night by men pointing guns at him, he’d simply snatched the first clothes he found in his drawers and fled the apartment. The masked robbers had most likely stolen all of his belongings by now. He hadn’t had the sense to grab his cell phone or car keys while being forced out of his bedroom with a gun in his back. Hopefully his sister hadn’t left for work yet. With a clenched jaw, he peered into the window on her front door. Through the sheer white curtain, a female silhouette moved toward him.

The door opened, and Carolina fucking Adams stood in the doorway. His throat hitched closed, and he swallowed. His sister’s best friend, and his goddamn dream girl during his teenage years…

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