Deleted Scenes

Lord of the Rings movie marathon…

Halfway through the final movie, Haley grabbed a handful of buttered popcorn from the bowl on the coffee table. “What do you think you’d do if you had the ring of power?” She wondered, putting a few pieces into her mouth.

Damian sat up a little next to her on the couch. “You mean, would I let the power corrupt me?”

She nodded. “Or do you think you could destroy it?”

“I’d probably destroy it.” He replied thoughtfully, and added. “I guess my decision to renounce the throne was along those same lines.”

“Oh. Right.” Haley said, shaking her head a little. She was still trying to wrap her mind around his crucial past.

“Being a soldier keeps me focused on the right things, I suppose, but, with my powers and access to the realm of magic, corruption is always a threat.” He admitted. “The same goes for you.”

Haley dwelled quietly on his words for a moment. “You know, I never thought about it like that before.”

“Never considered using your powers for personal gain?”

“As far as supernatural powers go, mine are sort of limited.” Haley answered with shrug, taking another few pieces of popcorn from the bowl. “The heated light is handy when I’m in actual danger, but I really wish I wasn’t able to read minds on a day to day basis. It helps that I can keep that ability pretty well controlled… A lot of the time anyway.” She chewed on the popcorn, trying not to giggle in remembrance of her involuntary glance at Damian’s pornographic vision on their road trip.

“You believe your powers are limited?” Damian shook his head, reaching for the remote. “You’re a lot stronger than you think, Haley.” He pressed a button to pause the movie. “Do you want to go out to dinner somewhere? I’m kind of hungry for something other than popcorn and candy.”

“Yes.” She answered, relieved at the thought of a real meal and all at once flustered with excitement to be going on an actual “date” with Damian. “I’d love to.”

“Let’s go upstairs and get dressed. We’ll finish the movie when we get back.”

Haley stood up from her comfortable place on the couch, stretching a little. “How do you like… movies so far? You kind of lost your virginity today.” She had to smile at the concept.

“My movie virginity?” Damian returned her smile, loosening his shoulders a bit. “We’ve been on this couch for hours.”

“I probably should have suggested something shorter.” She said apologetically as she picked up her leather bag from the floor.

“No, it’s been great. I think these movies are entertaining.” Damian grasped her hand at the bag’s handles to carry it for her. “This has been the best day off I’ve ever had.”


Disappearing TV

Haley’s mind had gone numb in the aftermath of their intense lovemaking, and she pulled a soft white sheet up over herself, pressing her face into the pillow. He felt so far away from her, across the room doing something at the dresser. At the sound of a familiar tune and swords clanging, she opened her eyes, leaning upright onto her elbow.

It was the movie, playing on a large TV that sat on his dresser. Staring puzzled at the enormous screen, she noticed a flat wooden piece at the top of it, and realized that it must have been hidden inside the piece of furniture.

Damian climbed into bed beside her, and she turned to him in astonishment. “You have a disappearing TV.”

“Noah’s suggestion. There’s one in every room.”

“You’ve never used it?” Haley’s lips spread into a smile. He is so peculiar.

“We’re using it now.” He replied as he got under the sheet, moving his arm behind her until she was tucked in next to him.

“It’s pretty incredible.” She mumbled, reaching backward for a piece of licorice from the package on the nightstand before turning her attention forward to the screen. Tangling her legs around his, Haley felt like she was in an oasis of serenity, and made a silent wish that she’d never lose it.

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