The Devil is Coming October 2nd, 2015

Damian grasped the thick, leatherbound book with a slight nod, inwardly cursing his new task. He had a hard enough time keeping his fantasies under control in a room full of people, now they were going on an office errand alone together.

She walked briskly beside him in the hallway, an amazing feat in those sky-high heels of hers, and Damian tried not to think about them, clicking softly against the tile floor. He lifted his gaze from her shoes, only to be distracted by her bare legs, and wondered what they would feel like wrapped around him.

She led him to a white copier in a small room before glancing up at him. “Di-did you…”

He took the opportunity to stare at her while he waited for her to finish stuttering her question. Her sexy glasses were driving him crazy, she was too hot to wear them, they just made her look like she was about to take them off and shake out her ponytail for him. God, she’s nervous. Why on earth would a girl like this ever be nervous? Right… because you’re the fucking devil.

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