Dangerous Witch

Angel Heels

Damian abruptly woke on the couch in the darkened living room with the sense he was being watched. He furrowed his brows at the dangerous witch in front of him, scarcely able to make out her hourglass figure in the sliver of sunlight from a gap in the curtain.

“What are you doing?” Lowering his arm to his side, he sat upright.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Haley’s gaze darted downward. “I was…” He tried to probe her mind, and she promptly pushed him out, forming an invisible shield around her thoughts. “I was looking for Adam.” She cleared her throat lightly.

Her suspicious behavior alarmed him. Panicked by her unknown intentions as his eyes adjusted to the low light in the room, he pinpointed his gaze on her. A blur of white and black polka dotted silk, awkwardly standing with her face turned away from him. Her neckline plunged deeply, brought up to tie in a silky bow behind her slender neck, accentuating her bare shoulders.

“He’s in the library.” Surprised at how soft his own voice sounded, Damian suddenly felt an intense urge to pull at the ribbon until it slid down her perky breasts.

“Oh, all right, thank you.” Her eyes wandered nervously. “I wasn’t…um…watching you.”

He raised an eyebrow as her creamy complexion turned pink.

“Adam, I mean, Aimee said Adam was in here, so…”

The girl could barely breathe. Shameful self-loathing tore through him as he recalled her tear-filled eyes, their bright blue depths staring up at him from Raden’s table. She rushed to the doorway, a black tulle slip under the hem of her dress swaying at her sexy thighs. With a sudden ache in his groin, he caught a peek at the red soles on her black high heels, her ponytail bouncing as she hurried away from him. He imagined how she would look perched on his lap without any clothes on.

Forcefully eliminating that thought from his mind, he stood, cracking his neck back and forth, and headed into the sun-soaked hallway.

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